I hear your voice everywhere I go...someone said recently

Who’s Orv Graham?
If you're under 40, or lived in Decatur less than 20 years, you may not know. But if you grew up in Decatur, chances are, you woke up to Orv Graham every Morning. For Years, Orv Graham was the highest rated radio host in Decatur, but he stopped being an air personality in 1983. Moved to the Front Office of the radio station to management. And during those years he also built station promotions such as the “Hands On the Car Marathons”, and led several station listener tours to Hawaii, flew the Goodyear Blimp, and did live broadcasts from hot air balloons.

Off the air he was active in the community. He was the first President and General Chairman of the Decatur Celebration (is one of its “founding fathers”), is Past President of Partners in Education, Past President of the United Way, served on may local Boards of Directors, and was a member of the Board of the Illinois Broadcaster’s Association and the Board of the United Way of Illinois.

He left radio in 1993, and joined the Insurance & Financial Services business. His office is in the Decatur Club Building, 158 W. Prairie suite 102, Decatur, IL 62523.  Office phone is 217-241-1800, cell is 217-433-8126.

And now, brokering the air time, he's back on-the-air on Sunday mornings from 8am til noon on 95.9FM. “Sunday Morning Easy”. Try it!