I hear your voice everywhere I go...someone said recently

An ad agency in a city not far away phoned me recently, and asked if I would consider doing the voice on a 5 minute presentation they were putting together for a client.

Of course I would.  I've done many of them.

This agency had heard my voice on a telephone on-hold system, and tracked me down to see if I'd be available.

Matter of fact, I've done several such presentations.  They're often used as marketing or promotion pieces.....a DVD or a CD, sometimes used in a direct mail campaign, or sometimes handed out  to prospects by the sales staff......and with a message that explains how that business can benefit by using this company or that.  In some cases I work with the ad agency using scripts they develop, in other cases I work directly with the business.  In these cases I write the script, the business approves it, I record it.

Oh - I also make as many copies as you might want.

Companies going to trade shows sometimes take a supply of discs and hand out to visitors at their trade show booth.

My voice doesn't fit every business nor every product nor every approach.   But if it fits yours, I'll probably do the job for less money that the big boys charge.

Contact me:  217-241-1800 and ask for Orv.