I hear your voice everywhere I go...someone said recently

 Rev. Danny Cox, Pastor of the Grace United Methodist Church in Decatur, sent me a nice note that said "I never get to hear your program.  From what I am hearing from others  it is excellent.  You have quite a following. You must be doing a great job".

And on a recent Sunday I ran some commercials for a show held at the Decatur Civic Center.  A few days later, Candice Sims, marketing manger for the Civic Center, came up to me and said "That Sunday show of yours must be something else!  On Monday we were deluged with phone calls - people buying tickets to the show.  We couldn't keep up with them all....".

Thanks.  Feels good.

OK - here's your question: Who said this.......

"My wife has a terrible speech impediment - now and again she has to stop to breathe......"

Blog me if you know.