I hear your voice everywhere I go...someone said recently

                            On Hold Voice

So...you phoned some business in Cuckamonga and they put you on hold and you heard a familiar voice & wondered "Could that be Orv Graham?"

Yep.  Could be.

I do the voice and provide the music for on-hold systems. Its another of my hobbies. I have my own recording studio and all the necessary gear to get good audio quality. And I know how to write for the “ear”. Most ad writers write visual stuff – print ads, TV ads…stuff you look at. I write for the ear. And most on-hold systems could use my help! Check out my on-hold website. Click on the link below.

I could be the voice of your on-hold system. Need equipment to play the messages? I can help with that too.  And the background music. - it must be licensed music, you know.

Ever been on hold and a recorded voice says "Your call is important to us, so please stay on the line....?" If you're normal, your reaction is something like "Baloney. If my call was important they wouldn't keep me waiting". If you hear that line - then you know IT IS NOT ORV GRAHAM!  I don't use that line!