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Orv Graham Insurance
Providing insurance assistance is my real work – radio is just a hobby. My office is at  Suite 102, Decatur Club Building, 158 W. Prairie, Decatur, IL 62523.

Life Insurance – don’t buy until you’ve had a thorough discussion about how much protection you should have in place, and what kind of protection. Term insurance? Whole Life? Universal Life? And since I’m independent, I can check the costs of various companies. Get the best deal for you!

Health Insurance – individual or group, we do it. And work with several carriers. With the constantly changing rules and the increasing costs, this is a very important area for small businesses. And we do a good job with it!

Disability Insurance – we all like to think we’ll never be disabled. But it happens to somebody, every day. Sickness or injury can end your ability to do what you do for a living. If that happens….how do the bills get paid? The mortgage, the kid’s college, and on & on. You protect your income when you have disability insurance.

Long Term Care Insurance - Ooooh…this brings up the mental image of that awful nursing home your grandma was in years and years and years ago. Well – everything changes. This insurance is not called “Nursing Home” insurance, its “Long Term Care”. Might be care in your own home by a licensed agency, might be in an assisted living center, might be in a nursing home. Today’s policies cover it all. Won’t Medicare or Medicaid pay the bills? Well, if you don’t know the answer to that question, you really should visit with someone like me to get the answer. And you won’t like it. Basic: Uncle Sam wants out of that business. More and more, we’re on our own. Protect yourself!

I can help. Check it out. www.orvgrahaminsurance.com