I hear your voice everywhere I go...someone said recently

I recently joined a group that works with Direct Response Advertising.  I don't know why I didn't do this earlier, because my background fits pretty well.

I was a full-time on-air personality for years....then was a a radio advertising salesman, sales manager, and station manager.  Work included much time with advertisers creating copy and promotions that sold products and services.  And I eventually owned an AM/FM radio station.....so  I know the importance of making a profit.

Then I moved to the financial services industry.  Life insurance, they say, is a tough sell!  But I've made a living with it, probably because I tell the truthful story about the benefits for your family, and benefits which you may not know about.   It's the same approach I take when writing copy.

Want a sample?  Let me know.   Radioorv@aol.com.