I hear your voice everywhere I go...someone said recently

                                ADVERTISING INFO

I've had  calls asking how to buy advertising on my program.  Easy.  Just phone me at my office, on my cell or wherever.  Other typical questions:

Q:  Orv - who writes the copy? 

A:  I'll write it using your information, or you may write it.  Either way.

Q:  Orv - is it expensive?

A:  Naw.  There are guys selling  for less, and I guess they  know what They're worth.

Q: Orv - will you voice my spots?

A: Yep, if you want. But a note of explanation here - I do not personally endorse your business nor your product. In some cases, I talk informally about a sponsor, and suggest to my listeners that they go visit the sponsor, do business with that sponsor. But I will only do that for businesses I know and trust, and for only 1 business of a specific category on the same program.   Shucks, even us radio guys have some principles!

Q:  How long are the spots? 

A:  30 sec, 60 sec...you name it.

Q:  Do I have to sign a contract? 

A:  No...just pay the bill.  I invoice you at the end of each month. I do like a written record of what you agreed to buy and what I agreed to sell, but its not a contract.  Just a confirmation.

Have other questions?   Phone me any time.  I'm not hard to find, and not hard to talk to!

All my phone numbers are on the CONTACT page.  Email Radioorv@aol.com.

                                 Orv G.