I hear your voice everywhere I go...someone said recently

              Coming up Sunday, December 22, 2019 (Written Monday,  December 16, 2019)

At the moment, I have no guests scheduled for the 22nd.  But I'm working on it, and will have soon.

I will be reading "Yes Virgina there is a Santa Claus", the famous editorial from the New York Post, written by an editorial writer in response to a letter from a 9 year-old reader whose friends had told her that there is no Santa.  And sometime on the morning of the 22nd I'll read the Dr. Suess story about the Grinch who stole Christmas.

And we'll have the usual fare of good music - some of it Christmas music -  and jokes and other guests.

Hear about the girl who married a baseball catcher?   Promised to love, honor and squat.

Oh - Brioadway Musical in the 10 o'clock hour?  SOUND OF MUSIC.  The song "My Favorite Things" is from THE SOUND OF MUSIC - it is not a Christmas song, but it sounds like one.  It's often played as a Christmas song.  Broadway musical - 10 o'clock hour.


Oh - speaking of music -  radio programmers say if you're a rock station, you only play rock music.  If you're a country station, you only play country music.  Don't deviate from the base or you'll drive your audience away.  That's basically what they say, and it's probably one of the reasons many radio stations sound so "plastic".  But 25 years ago, the Boston Pops Orchestra - known for it's classical music base - invited Country guitar player Chet Atkins to play a concert with them.  He fit perfectly.  And yesterday I played a recording with Wynton Marsalis - classically trained trumpet man - doing Basin Street Blues, and Willie Nelson did the vocal!  Great stuff!  And it's very much like what I do with my music.  Many styles, mixed together.  And from the comments I get - people like it.  Than ks!

Guests for interviews:  I'm often asked "where do you find these people?".  Well - I don't.  For the most part they find me.  I get constant requests from people who want to talk to you about their book, their beliefs, their complaints about society or their political or religious views.   I talk to some, say "no" to many.

And gee...did I have some good guests recently!  Dr. Jerry Martin - one-time head of the Department of Philosphy at University of Colorado - an agnostic in those days....penned a book titled "GOD, an Autobiography..... as told to a Philosphy Professor.   Interesting.   And   Nanci Danison....former trial lawyer....several degrees...died.  That's right - died.  Saw the tunnel....her spirit moved toward the great white light....into the spirit world.   And came back!  I don't have the words to do the spirit justice, but this lady will convince you - it happened.  She saw - communicated with - the "spirit" world.  Sound like a scam?  Read her book and you'll likely become a believer.  Just google Nanci Danison.

Dr. Gail Barnes was another.  Is the Earth large enough to grow all the food necessary to feed the population 20 years from now?   If not - how do you feed them all?   Hydroponics.  

And Celente.  Gerald Celente.  Trends Journal.  One of my favorite guests, but hadn't had him on for some time.  Tracks trends of all kinds.   This past September he warned of stock market troubles toward the end of the year.  And right on queue.....look what happened.


 Remember Andy Andrews?  A best selling author who has been consulted by several U.S. Presidents.  I've had him on -the-air with me a couple of times, but not recently.   He'll be back, soon I hope, but working the actual time and date is tricky, so not confirmed yet.  Couple of others in the works as well.     

Every day, I see someone who mentions this radio program!   Thanks.  Feels good.   And recently I was with David Goebel at Graceland Fairlawn Funeral home.  David's one my advertisers, and he told me "....not a day goes by that someone doesn't say  'I heard you on Orv's program Sunday.....".

Today at lunch, a chap who looked to be older than I said to me "You're Orv, aren't you?".   I admited that I am.  And he responded " you're a legend".   Don't know about that......I'm just old.

I met another chap recently.   As I was leaving a restaurant & he was arriving, he stopped and said "You're Orv".   I said "Right".   He said "I thought you were dead".   "Nope', I said.  "I thought someone would have shot you buy now....."he said.   Did'nt say what for........

And life goes on.  (And with a little luck, it goes on and on and on.........)

And....as they say in radio......that's not all.....  

I recieve several phone calls and text messages each Sunday morning while I'm on-the-air.  One recent text message said "......sometimes when we don't have to be somewhere we just drive around to listen to  your show....".  That's a genuine compliment, and its things like that that keep me going.   I've comtemplated hanging up my earphones - several times - and then someone says something that makes me think that what I do is worthwhile.  So thanks.  Feels good!

You already know I've  moved my business office.    Moved about 40 steps - across the hall.  From Suite 102 to Suite 101, Decatur Club Building, 158 W. Prairie in Downtown Decatur.  And I'm still worn out!  .

I now have my new phone service in new office.   I'm  still reachable on my cell phone - 217-433-8126. Or....my new office phone....217-429-9698.......whew!   And internet?   Up & running.   So life is now smooooothing out just a little, though I'm  behind in getting things done.


On some other page of this website I say something like ".....radio as it once was....".   Some folks take that to mean that I play only Crosby, Como, Sinatra & Rosemary Clooney music.  WRONG.   I play music by many of today's artists, so long as it is done in such a way that an adult can enjoy it.   Michael Buble, Norah Jones....and yes, an occasional Sinatra.  But my real point is that my kind of radio RESPECTS the listener.  No profanity, no shouting, none of that distasteful stuff.  And that indeed IS the way radio once was.


My music each Sunday- some familiar, some stuff you probably haven't heard anywhere else.   I don't follow the radio "format" rules.......the programming concepts that suggest that if you're a "standards" music station you don't play a Norah Jones recording, because she's modern.  If you're an "Adult Contemporary" music station you don't play Willie Nelson because he's "country".  Well....I break all those rules each Sunday.  And guess what:  people still listen.  Lots of' 'em.  And I get comments from people all over the age demographics scale.  Thanks!  Feels good.


Oh...that reminds me:   A chap named Gene Van Waggoner, who talks on his Facebook posts about listening to my program, recently said  something like "You heard that a picture is worth a thousand words?   Well...if used correctly, a word can be worth a million pictures....".  I guess I should be careful with mine!

Hope you're with me Sunday.  Thanks.

I had a conversation recently with Gretchen Grossman, author of the book "Ring Around the Rosary".   Perhaps you heard Gretchen on-the-air with me talking about the book.  Gretchen was a Nun for five years....dropped out....eventually married....2 sons....lived in Chicago & NYC....originally from Decatur, after her husband died she moved back to Decatur and became a school teacher.  Now retired from teaching.  Her book is selling well, and one day there may be another.

Betty from Decatur sent me a card a few months ago, with a note saying I was making her late for church.   Recently,  as I was clearing clutter from my desk, I re-discovered her card and re-read the note she wrote.  She was thanking me for my interviews.  One particular day, she sat in her car in the church parking lot listening to the end of an interview - and was late for the church service!


Thanks for all your calls and comments.  Virtually every day, someone stops me on the street or sees me in a shop or a restaurant, and comes over to comment.  Feels good.  I appreciate you!

Want one of my Orv Graham ball point pens?  Supply is limited....drop me an email to let me know you're coming, and I'll have one ready for you.   No charge.  My office is in the Decatur Club building, 158 W. Prairie, downtown Decatur.  Suite 101. 


You know that I'm in the insurance business.  Life, health, disability, long term care, annuities.  That's been my real "bread 'n butter" for the last 20 years or so, but radio was my first love and I still find it fun.  But after working 5 days in my insurance office, then Saturday preparing for my Sunday program, then getting up at 4:30 Sunday morning to do radio and getting back home, worn out, at 1PM, and wondering when I'm ever going to have time to get the garage cleaned.......... I admit to giving some thought to giving up this radio stuff.   Mebbe I'm a has-been for radio as well.  I don't really think I'm a has-been.  Just a once-was.

Speaking of Insurance, I answered a phone call from a chap who wanted to know if we handle Final Expense insurance.  He'd seen it advertised on TV.  Yep.  We do.  Call Ann in our office - 217-429-9698.  If you did your insurance planning 20 years ago and haven't updated it, a supplement like a Final Expense plan just might be appropriate for you.  Call Ann in my office.  429-9698.


I was interested in the network coverage - both radio & TV - of the appearance of Dr. Ben Carson in Washington recently.   He's still getting a lot of press.    Dr. Carson was on the air with me, live, one Sunday morning, talking about the importance of education....the same topic he discussed in Washington.  

An email reached me recently from a lady who said "......you have an interesting mix..." (of music).  I considered that to be a compliment.  Radio programmers will  tell you that's not the way to program music.  Maybe they're right......and maybe they're the reason there is so much sameness in radio.

A chap came over to me in a restaurant a  few weeks ago, introduced himself, and told me he enjoys my Sunday morning program.  Seemed sincere, and seemed like a reasonably intelligent gentleman.  Didn't throw anything at me.   Said something like "you have a great program".   And since he seemed intelligent, I don't know any reason to question his judgement.

Celebrated my birthday not long  ago.  .  By coincidence, that same day, some execs from the Indianapolis office of a company with which I do some business, were in town for a luncheon.  And just as we all finished our planned dessert, Nancy, our receptionist , sauntered in with a big piece of cheesecake with a candle in it, and they all sang happy birthday to me.  I blew out the candle, and started telling a story.  The candle flickered on again.  I blew it out again and started to tell my story again.  It came back to life again.  And again.  And again.

How could anything be more appropriate?  Life itself, is like a candle in the wind.   Eventually its snuffed out - for all of us.   And when that happens,  the people you love are provided some warmth and security  by the proceeds of a life insurance policy.  The warmth you provided, is there again - just in a different form.   I'm in the life insurance business.  My office is in the Decatur Club building, downtown Decatur.  I stay pretty busy there, and also write and  voice radio commercials and messages that you hear when you phone a business and are put on-hold.

Join me  Sunday,,  a song or two......a guest or two.....and also, a story or two.....know the definition of Abdicate?  Means to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.  Coffee?  Thats the person upon whom one coughs.  Enuff awreaddy...until you tune me in Sunday.  Oh...did I tell you - I have a new Pakistani valet.  Mahatmacoat.  Know how to spell relief?  W.E.L.F.A.R. E.   Enuff awreadddddy!

And don't forget to send me your dime rhyme!

Email continues to be a source of good stuff (and some bad)....like this story.....

A tourist in San Francisco's Chinatown....drawn into the look, the feel, the excitement, the colors, the sounds....yes, even the fear of evil in this strange community....went into a Chinese curio shop.  It was filled with treasures, old and new.   He was strangely attracted to a large, bronze statue of a - RAT!  What a great addition it would make, to his collection of unusual objects he had at home.  The detail was outstanding, the patina of this aged bronze was a bonus to this collector.  He asked the shopkeeper "how much?"

"$1500", said the shopkeeper in his strong Chinese dialect.

"$1500 dollars?  Wow...thats way too much for me.  Why is it so expensive?".

To which the shopkeeper explained "only $500 for the rat.  The $1000 is for the STORY."

"I only want the rat", the guy said.

"You sure you don't want story?"

"Yep, just the  rat".

So...they concluded the transaction and the tourist left the shop and started walking down the street with this large bronze statue of a rat, under his arm.  As he stopped at an intersection, he happened to look behind him, and noticed 4 live rats, following him.  He picked up his pace a bit, but kept an eye out behind him.  And lo & behold, more rats were following him.  They're climbing out of sewers, from cracks in buildings, from alleys....hundreds...then thousand of rats, follow him as he carried the bronze statue down the street.

Frightened, he turned a corner, to see if they would follow him.   They did.  and more joined in.  By now the police are directing traffic to avoid a catastrophe.  Ahead, he can see the waters of the Bay.   He pick us the pace...down the hill...across the Embarcadero....out to the end of the dock near Fisherman's Wharf......he's got to get rid of those rats!   In desparation, when he reached the end of the dock...with a mighty heave he throws the bronze statue of the rat into the harbor!  And all of the rats followed the statue into the water - and drowned!  That day, this midwestern tourist in San Francisco's Chinatown, rid the city of San Francisco of thousands and thousands of rats!  A bit of a hero, actually, but not sure why.

So....he went back to the Curio Shoppe in Chinatown.  The shopkeeper saw him coming, and met him at the door.

"Aaah....you come back for story"?

"Naw"...said the tourist.  "I came back to see if you have a statue of a politician".

   Keep the emails coming.  I use them on the air.  Its live radio.  Anything can happen.  Most  radio stations are recorded/automated on Sunday morning, but I'm there live.  And usually awake.

Oh...did I tell you about the baseball catcher who got married?   Promised to love, honor and squat.   Or the scientist....who invented a potion to grow hair?   It was so strong it'd grow hair on a billiard ball.  Didn't work though....slowed the game down too much.

And don't forget........where ever you go - there you are!  See you Sunday.

                  Orv g.